Periodic reminder:

If you are in need of a secure, no-log, no-strings-attached that does not cost money, use:

Cryptostorm (anonymous, no sign up necessary)


ProtonVPN (sign up required)

Both work with open source OpenVPN apps. No stupid spyware to download!


Neither of them seems to have implemented support for WireGuard yet, though ProtonVPN is internally testing servers that support it.

It is still new and even the developers of WireGuard say it is still experimental.

@salixlucida I can vouch for protonvpn. The free package is pretty good


Yeah, ProtonVPN is great, even on the free plan. Servers in Amsterdam, Tokyo (Shinagawa) and Greater Washington DC (Manassas, Virginia), they are usually fast. Only one device per connection for free accounts, though.

Cryptostorm's free service is speed capped (though it is usually faster than what it claims publicly), so I find it more ideal for mobile devices than on PCs.

@salixlucida @ShinjiBikari

Proton also offers Protonmail, which I've moved to after ditching what gmail has become.

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