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Center for a Stateless Society » Sanders’s Comments Prove We Need a Radical Left

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*sigh* Please, people, when you're converting something to epub, don't set a fixed font or margins or line spacing. One advantage of an ebook is, or at least should be, that the READER can choose the things that work best for them.

*grumble* (I need at least half as much extra spacing to be able to read this story comfortably, and I have a lot of stories from this source so probably with the same problem. If it turns out that I want to read them all I might fix the line spacing in calibre.)

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historical systemic anti-black violence 

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Learn about #coronavirus & emergency response with #OpenWHO courses:
-Intro to #COVID19
-Health & safety
-Infection prevention & control
-Protective equipment
-Clinical care
-Country capacitation
-Treatment facilities
-Field data tool
-& more!


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Enough is Enough: **Revolutionary Momentum Builds as Uprisings Against Police Spread Across US**

"The day after the third precinct in Minneapolis was burned in an unprecedented revolutionary uprising sparked by the murder of George Floyd, police cars were burned in cities around the country."

#anarchism #bot

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please make this go viral. police and national guard are patrolling neighborhoods and shooting civilians on their own property. make everyone see this [Minneapolis]

the comments in the thread go on at length how people have been treated and had peaceful protests disrupted by violent police officers

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'Ignore the president's unlawful order': Democrats and military veterans are up in arms after Trump suggests National Guard troops may shoot looters

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