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Center for a Stateless Society » Sanders’s Comments Prove We Need a Radical Left

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If you want to show #PeerTube to friends but you're worried about NSFW videos appearing on the front page, you could try showing them this instance:

A couple of other safe interesting instances too:

VidCommons: a collection of creative commons and public domain films

Blender: the official PeerTube instance for the Blender foundation, including their films

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Revised, single-article version of my long thread on European Jewish history (cw antisemitism, colonialism):

“Big government SUCKS! Don’t tread on me!” 

*supports the police* 
*supports the military* 
*supports ICE*

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yo can folks who still use twitter gimme a RT on this post 👀

it would really help me out, i really need the support!!

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Viral China this week: Well-trained dog supervises girl doing homework and more

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Maybe next year #microsoft will free the code of SOLITAIRE!

Oh, I can dream!! Microsoft really 'gets' freedom!
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Welp I guess it's time for to be getting a VPN

My dad informed me that he got (3) emails from our ISP last week yelling at him because I downloaded the first 2 episodes of AmGods and the first season of Game of Thrones

I always thought it was on uploading that they gotcha, so I don't normally seed, which I know makes me a bad person, but even that wasn't enough I guess!

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