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Center for a Stateless Society » Sanders’s Comments Prove We Need a Radical Left

**NYPD crackdown on subway fare evasion 'criminalises poverty'**

"Activists slam New York City effort to go after fare evaders and call for an end to police brutality."

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We need open mesh networking now more than ever. More and more governments are using Internet shutdowns to gain control of the the people.

This will only get worse.

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theres a new 'opt in' #fediverse search engine setup. seems to be working pretty well from my few tests

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Tech Tuesday: Internet of Things (IoT) —

"Hackers can use that innocent device to do a virtual drive-by of your digital life. Unsecured devices can allow hackers a path into your router, giving the bad guy access to everything else on your home network that you thought was secure. Are private pictures and passwords safely stored on your computer? Don’t be so sure."

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