@abloo might have the volup/voldown/power work as Up/Down/Return soon in the sway version of sxmo! (function will depend on app, for example, look at how some gestures are different depending on window/app in sxmo_inputhandler.sh)

@abloo was having trouble with this myself and then found: wiki.postmarketos.org/wiki/Ter

(assuming you're running sxmo on postmarketOS)

That's going to install a lot of -doc packages, but then man pages should work like normal. After that, I think you need to install the -doc package for everything you install if you want them.

@gadgetbridge every time i install a gadgetbridge update, i have to manually open the app, click out of the "what's new", and click to reconnect. Is it this way for everybody, every device? Any way to make it auto-reconnect?

@horia I've had a Honey Brown beer before, but it wasn't that. I'll have to look for that sometime and compare

Apparently just mentioning "libera.chat" in a channel's topic is enough for the new Freenode admins to join, change the topic, and remove your operator status.

They even devoiced the admin, so he can't talk about what's going on in the channel.

Just wow 🤯

Sxmo 1.4.0, the simple & minimalistic UI for the #pinephone, has been released and features many user interface and usability improvements! Available through #postmarketOS sr.ht/~mil/Sxmo/

Sxmo 1.2.0 is released! This is a minimalist and 'suckless' UI for Linux phones such as the pinephone. This release introduces some major changes. Make sure to read the upgrade notes and view the demo video! #sxmo #pinephone



Georgia is having a runoff Jan 5 to decide who our 2 new senators will be. If those senators go blue Mitch McConnell will no longer be Senate Majority Leader. You have until December 7 to register to vote. Retweet to spread awareness even if you don’t live here.

RT @aewsome@twitter.com

Imagine designing this, the most perfect Olympics logo of all time, and then they have to move it to 2021 😰😰😰

🐦🔗: twitter.com/aewsome/status/128

@snowdusk oops, nevermind, I was confusing 1:00 and 13:00 😆

@snowdusk hey! looks like you're doing a morning show? if so, I'll tune in

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