Trying to avoid using all Google's services is HARDER THAN I EXPECTED.

@afarian I'm slowly moving away from them. Trying to migrate all of my logins from gmail to an email on my domain. I have nextcloud for backup/cloud. I'm running freepbx and have a account to replace google voice(not free, but cheap.)

Also, using a phone with Sailfish OS, but an android without google apps is usable too.

@saba my Android phone is where I am struggling the most to free myself from Google. I rely on it so much, especially Google voice assistant in my car!!


@afarian I don't know about a good replacement for the voice assistant. My contacts are synced with nextcloud. There's an app called Davdroid which can be used to sync contacts on android. If you want a different contacts provider than google and don't want to self-host, you could try and sync with davdroid.

@saba thank you, I'll look into that alternative for my contacts!

unfortunately I don't think any replacement for voice assistant would be compatible with my car, but I could just stop using it rather than replace it.

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