I've deleted from and now everything asking for crashes, how do I replace it? it looks impossible

omg thank you this is a great lead. haven't got it fixed yet but now I know which apk I need to replace/which xml to edit

@dazinism @saba got it working! Thank you both so much! I just had to use apktool to modify framework-res.apk, removing all other webviews besides com.android.webview, (using -c when putting it back together so I don't have to sign it), copied libchromiumwebview.so to /system/arm64 and then reinstalled all my apps to fix weird resulting permissions problems ^_^


@amsomniac @dazinism I'd recommend or something similar for the future. (I'm assuming you're running a stock rom, but rooted?)

@saba yep! there's a lineageOS port, but a lot of parts of it are broken. It looks like there's no omnirom for my device, the Gemini PDA, which is based on the MediaTek Helio X27-- hopefully this is my last mediatek device or they get better at GPL compliance

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