I thought Google Talk/Hangouts was completely dead? Just for fun I added my google account in and noticed that it loaded my roster. I sent a message to my wife and she received it on hangouts on her phone. So this means I can still chat with all the people I have on there, if they're running hangouts or signed in to 3rd party app?

@saba s2s is dead, but c2s is alive. Not sure how the announced* transition to Hangouts Chat is going to affect the XMPP bridge, but at the moment, you can normally use XMPP frontend to message Hangouts users on or other Apps domains.


@ivan ok, so both of us must be signed into a google account to chat. I guess I could take this time to try to convince them all to sign up for a real xmpp account.

I miss the translation bots though 😥

@saba I think the problem is the federation. Google shut down the connection with other xmpp servers, so you can only talk with google accounts.

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