Watched some Chernobyl last night.

The interiors of apartments are very *something*. Makes me feel like I'd been in them before in real life.

Is the guy at the beginning who provides for his cat and then offs himself supposed to be Anatoly Dyatlov (Анатолий Дятлов), the shift supervisor?

He didn't off himself. Wrote a book and died later of a heart attack.

Maybe it was one of the techs.

Historical things take me a long time to watch. Keep stopping to look things up!

@gemlog If you liked the apartments check out documentaries by Телекон here:

There are videos commented by a dosimetrist who took a greeat part in liquidation. Some videos show the interior of the Припят apartments, and yeah, they are so cozy!

Plus, language is RU but EN subbed :)


Thanks, I have the docus up in a tab. Also, I looked up Telekon on youtube in general.

It's actually good they are in russian. At this point I'm happy I can (mostly) sound out words having just learned (tenuously) the alphabet. Of course, "sounding out" words doesn't mean I have a clue what they mean! :-)

Also ъ and ь... not so much yet at all.


@gemlog Well, you are aiming high!
Check out videos by "bald and bankrupt", he goes to the middle in f'ing nowhere and speaks Russian with people. A man after my own heart - if only I could hold a conversation.
He has a video with very particular recommendations for Russian language, such as: don't learn Russian grammar. Apparently it's terribly difficult to get right, yet you can have all you need with a more basic skillset!

@s21 I have read that about not learning russian grammar before now.
Like other langs, i don't have anyone to talk to and likely never will. My goal is simply to read things. I notice with spanish I'm beginning to get the gist listening now too (but reading is better).
I'm not really aiming as high as you think! :-)

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