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As part of their divorce settlement, Melinda Gates gets to control 50% of vaccine recipients
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@s173nc3r Cause of death: monopoly.

I hate to link this since it's Substack but Matt Stoller has a good point into why monopolies kill:

TANK! Virtual Session 2020 by SEATBELTS Produced by Yoko Kanno

How was it in that movie? Most people are wiped out by some disease and monkeys, that were previously brain-enhanced to serve, will enslave the rest of humanity ... so it begins...

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YouTube deletes an Italian channel with 14 years of history, half a million subscribers and two thousand videos.

In less than 24h it receives from its followers more than €150,000 needed to buy a national TV channel to broadcast throughout Italy.

#Byoblu's #DavveroTV will be the first case in the history of a YouTube channel that has become a TV channel completely crowdfunded:

"Česká vláda mohla díky smlouvám EU objednat víc vakcíny. Odmítla to, chtěla ušetřit."
Asi chce ušetřené love vrazit do ivermektinu...

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"Meghan Markle reveals she gifted Prince Charles a ‘Suits’ DVD boxset but when she and Harry visited three months later it was still in its cellophane wrapping..." and that was the final straw!

""Kvůli rasovým stereotypům přestane vycházet několik dětských knih Dr. Seusse."" A ty existující spálit!

Opatření nefungují, tak proč bychom je rušili? - ministerstvo

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