@ton I've had a few exchanges with IA over the "Save page now" URL and automated submission.

They actively endorse its use in this way.

I do susepct there's a prospect for abuse (I've seen rate limits / delays in submission where I've submitted many manually), but in general, "other people found this link of interest" is in fact a useful archival heuristic. It's used, for example, in deciding what YouTube content to archive (mentions to Twitter will trigger an archival). That's discussed on the IA blog.


@dredmorbius @ton I submit every page I visit to the Wayback Machine using their API. Good that other people are actively submitting too.

@dredmorbius @ton I used this userscript as a starting point: greasyfork.org/en/scripts/3910

I modified it at first to fix some issues I had with it and to submit through Tor (because I’m paranoid that then IA would have my whole browsing history).

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