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@nydel This is why I insist the only reasonable way of writing a date/time is ISO 8601. I even timestamp my handwritten notes in ISO 8601 format.

@nydel I'm a big fan of "Else Heart.Break()".

@slacka I'm personally a fan of StumpWM. Been happy with it for about 5-6 years now.

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Google is apparently adding DNS over TLS support to android which tells me they are trying to put ISP's out of the analytics business and monopolise it further.

@art indeed. Potatoes are highly underrated.

When you derail an uncomfortable conversation by enthusiastically talking about potatoes for 15 minutes straight.

I didn't ask for this (extended regular expressions)...

@0x1f415 Maybe something like this would be helpful:
find . -type f -exec sed 's/aref="https:/aref="http:/g' {} +

@0x1f415 And that is why I always make a backup before making major changes to my setup. I recently upgraded firefox, and before doing so, I backed-up my .mozilla directory.

@luciferMysticus link it to the specification for ECMAscript.

@ddelony Japanophile confession: I keep a pair of stainless steel chopsticks in my backpack at all times.

λf.λx.f x
λf.λx.f(f x)
λf.λx.f(f (f x))

Really should work on some of my shelved programming projects some time.