@SDF Ooh! I'm down for a Plan 9 from Bell Labs SDF bootcamp.

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Someone write me a bot which posts this link hourly until the complexity epidemic is over


Then all software developers see nothing but this until they fix their fucking shit

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Scheme: Babby LISP
Guile: LISP Jr.
Racket: Dr LISP PhD
Elixir: Android Number LISP (dragon ball)
Haskell: Friar LISP
EMACS Lisp: Pet magpie you call LISPie
Clojure: A traitor to our house and family. We do not speak of them.
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Protip: when someone from an opressed group (e.g. POC, immigrants, women, etc) complain about something a privileged group tends to do (white, non-immigrants, cis men, etc), if you are from the privileged group, there's no need for you to comment assuring that you don't do these things. There's also no need to comment "lol yeah we're horrible aren't we" on a serious post about terrifying opression. It makes you seem defensive and like you're not taking opression seriously.

If you don't do those things? Congratulations! You don't get a medal, that's a bare minimum. If you do those things? Quietly improve and maybe boost the post that made you realise that you did wrong.

I know it doesn't seem like a big deal if you're privileged but it gets tiring when half the replies on a serious post about opression are joke replies by the privileged group.

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@nydel This is why I insist the only reasonable way of writing a date/time is ISO 8601. I even timestamp my handwritten notes in ISO 8601 format.

@slacka I'm personally a fan of StumpWM. Been happy with it for about 5-6 years now.

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Google is apparently adding DNS over TLS support to android which tells me they are trying to put ISP's out of the analytics business and monopolise it further.

When you derail an uncomfortable conversation by enthusiastically talking about potatoes for 15 minutes straight.

I didn't ask for this (extended regular expressions)...

@0x1f415 Maybe something like this would be helpful:
find . -type f -exec sed 's/aref="https:/aref="http:/g' {} +

@0x1f415 And that is why I always make a backup before making major changes to my setup. I recently upgraded firefox, and before doing so, I backed-up my .mozilla directory.

@ddelony Japanophile confession: I keep a pair of stainless steel chopsticks in my backpack at all times.

λf.λx.f x
λf.λx.f(f x)
λf.λx.f(f (f x))

Really should work on some of my shelved programming projects some time.

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