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I'm taking the Dillo browser for a spin & enjoying it immensely as another alternative to Lynx. Hooray for minimalist web browsing! Also, I've been quite satisfied with how the Lightning browser has made surfing on my shitty Android phone much much quicker!

Hi folks! At @RhizomatixBlog, @syrinx is cooking up a piece about the continuing relevance of BBSing. He wants to hear about your BBS experiences, especially which ones you still actively use.

Starting to think this: Gopher is the rebel's protocol.

I wish to read more about theories of web design with a focus on minimalism & simplicity. I've found a few great things, but am always hungry for more information. While the design process is intriguing, I know very little beyond HTML & basic CSS stuff. The philosophy of design primarily interests me here. What do folks suggest?

I'm looking through old Usenet archives from 1981 in Gopher. Very cool window into the past...

Finally read Gary Wolf's 1995 Wired article "The Curse of Xanadu," his forensic look at Ted Nelson & co. A fascinating investigation into tech dreams gone totally haywire. Ends w/ this moving moment: "His project had promised an end to forgetting, but in the end, only [Roger] Gregory had been unable to forget. The deluge of information had arrived. The other programmers had drifted away. Only Gregory remained with his fingers of the broken Xanadu machine.":

My dream for the web in 2019: content before flashiness

The uMatrix add-on is a whole lot of fun to play with. Playing with the settings is teaching me a lot about web design.

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I've been working on some changes to the @RhizomatixBlog site. It is unfinished, but the new modifications will make it easier on the eyes and perform better. If you want to suggest changes, let me know. kse5vsklszkdm6tnqzbrd6ry2ohrql

I'm digging this article/manifesto on Brutalist web design. Shout out to @gcupc for hipping me to it:

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Time to welcome a new member of the team, @nydel! Time to celebrate 🎂 🎈 🎉 ❗ They are currently working on an article about definitions of hacking

I toured the Moog music factory in Asheville, NC. Employee-owned small company where they still handcraft synthesizers. I definitely geeked out about circuits & wires...

Combing thru SDF's FAQ section, I stumbled across the most elegant & succinct definition for hacking I've yet seen: "HACKING is an educational process of working through a problem with limited knowledge to arrive at a solution which improves the individual's understanding of the problem." Pure poetry.

Anyone else get an scam email on the SDF internal mail system trying to mimic your own address, stating something along the lines of "we got your passwords muhaha!"

Anyone using the Pine64 ? Impressions so far?

SDF gopher lovers! Our blog @RhizomatixBlog has got a new entry on compartmentalizing your online identity. Check out the gopherhole here: gopher:// We also maintain a Tor hidden service here: kse5vsklszkdm6tnqzbrd6ry2ohrql

My article on @RhizomatixBlog, which covers Mastodon, is now cross-posted on the Social Media Alternatives Project site curated by the ever-insightful @robertwgehl & Co. Check out the post, but be sure to explore the site! it's a goldmine of information on those seeking to break out of big Tech:

Anyone else having trouble connecting to the SDF server right now?

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