Right. relayd.conf rewritten from scratch. Nextcloud Client seem to be syncing properly now... Hope it’ll stay this way. Crossing fingers.
Time for sleep. G’nite Fedi!


@jcarnat did you hear about the issue with httpd breaking nextcloud due to empty body responses? i think it might be fixed on -current

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@runbsd yep. I read it carefully but I don’t seem to be impacted. I have only iOS and nextcloudclient/openbsd connecting. Of both, only nextcloudclient had issues. And only when passing through relayd.
The error I got was « host not found ». Which doesn’t make sense in my context. But I had a bunch of stuff in relayd.conf. Now, it is minimal and it seems to work ok.
I add the few more directives one by one to see what I did wrong last time.

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