Can you get gigabit speeds on APU3 or 4 on #Openbsd ? I am a bit worried.

@22decembre I tried pfSense 2.4.5-p1 on my APU4D4 with very basic config (WAN/LAN and NAT enabled) and wasn't able to max out my symmetrical gig link (FTTH).

@runbsd sounds indeed like I have to find other hardware.

@22decembre The APUs are awesome little machines, I definitely wanted to use it as a router for gigabit FTTH, but yes, at the moment it's not a good candidate. For everything else I think they are awesome.



I am slowly more and more turning towards another solution though, as I really want a gig connection.

I am not sure an APU can hold gigabit that much, even on Linux, without melting down...

So either a TLSense, a Shuttle or something else, I am open to suggestions.


@22decembre I meant to respond sooner, but... There are a lot of great options for pfSense (or a BSD firewall). If you are willing to spend a bit more ($500-$800 USD) you can get Supermicro 1U half-depth servers that come with multiple NICs and some even have SFP ports. On the "lower end" you could look into Protectli which I believe are rebranded Qotom mini PCs. The Protectlis are more expensive but have support from the vendor. The Qotoms can be ordered from China or other vendors...

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I am aware of that and currently writing down my options.

At one moment I was ready to buy a pricy TLSense, but then I saw some small factor PCs that I could get second hand and place one or two gigabit nic in.

I am directing towards that at the moment.

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