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I can't wait to send my children to systemd-daycared

The author of Litestream is going to start releasing binaries for OpenBSD! See GitHub issue here: github.com/benbjohnson/litestr

If anyone wants to test it, these are already available on the alpha release as seen on the link above. 😀

Just set up unbound-adblock, an ad/malware/etc DNS blocker using a shell script. geoghegan.ca/unbound-adblock.h

Would anyone be interested in working with me on porting Eggdrop to ?

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50th release of #OpenBSD today! #OpenBSD 6.9

Congratulations to all the developers, "old" and 'new"!

We plan to do the upgrade next week, during which we will migrate from bridge(4)/vether(4) to veb(4)/vport(4).


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The OpenBSD 6.9 artwork was traditionally created by Joy San. You can find more of their work here cargocollective.com/joysan

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I'm currently enjoying #openbsd over #linux because of the existence of /etc/hostname.iwn0 over the likes of NetworkManager. Just that.

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Can you get gigabit speeds on APU3 or 4 on #Openbsd ? I am a bit worried.

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