Another day, another dollar. I'd 100% rather be working at home but management is incompetent and has a culture of ignoring what employees say they actually want. But still, thankful for the freedom to work on other things in the office. Can't imagine being stuck here with nothing to do AND no internet access. Got my SDF poster up, not sure if anyone will join from it though.

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@rudi Love the three screen setup. I'm more into two screens though.

@joeo10 I like having social interactions (email, IM) restrained to one monitor, and then the other two are my actual work


Been #self_employed (home office) for 45 years. never a day without something todo!:)

5 Inventions. Millionaire Once now on path to BILLIONAIRE..

.and cant even spell it!
Its called the Internet folks!!

Btw English Language IS #GROSSLY_FLAWED..

basically blind to how bad the English language really is all my life .. but not until I learned a few programming languages
that those flaws revealed themselves..

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