So is considered part of the ? It's not compatible in the technical sense (it has its own sync protocol, unrelated to ActivityPub), but it seems to be the chat/IRC replacement of choice for a lot of people on Mastodon, etc.

It seems neat, although I also though XMPP was neat and it unfortunately didn't catch on very well.

Or is everyone just using ?


@kadin I think is so should count, @stux has a matrix server I joined from the matrix. I wish took off as well, Cisco uses a bastardized version of it and my old job used jabber. I don't think Signal is /federated though

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@rudi @kadin It's not part of the Fediverse per-see I think :blobcatgiggle:

But it has it's own "fedi" on it own! Matrix doesn't "speak" with Masto or any other ActivityPub prot but does talk with itself on it's network, so maybe "in a way" 😇

@rudi well, a little bit the old school irc too 😃

@rudi @kadin @stux Matrix is federated, Signal isn't. I REALLY wish my family would get off Whatsapp and on to either Matrix or Signal (got my wife and brother on Signal). I've even at the point of wanting to set up Matrix and just a Whatsapp bridge so I can at least use it myself, even if no one else does.

@rj @rudi @kadin @stux I've been using the whatsapp bridge for like... 3 years now? Never looked back. (even with the quirks it had at a time)
Bringing people over to the federated world is a painfully slow process :(

@surak @rudi @kadin @stux Do you know of any guides on how to set it up? I'm not even as far as setting up Matrix yet (I was thinking of using a container for ease)

@rj @rudi @kadin @stux I followed the install guide from github and it worked just fine.
I do run all my matrix + bridges stuff in a container too.

@surak @rudi @kadin @stux - Thank you , I'll use that one then - Love a project. Just need to find the time to do it now

I miss IRC being relevant, even if just to the terminally online. Most networks are ghost towns today, compared to 20 years ago.
@kadin @stux

@rudi @kadin @stux I sadly only have one contact on Signal so no point in me using it really. The rest are on iOS so are addicted to iMessage.

@rudi answered Signal, since it's the only one of those I really use. Conceptually, really like XMPP & Matrix, they just never really took of in my circles; have mostly ended up using Discord.

@ellen I generally use Discord or Keybase myself

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