Well this is embarrassing. I had an account here but deleted it in the depths of a depressive episode. Let me re-establish my tag list:

/ /


@rolledgoats As for deleting things and accounts, I've done similar things depending on my mood. No need to feel embarrased

@gravityisforsuckers It's so refreshing knowing I can speak freely here about mental health issues and be supported

@gravityisforsuckers Damn, what a great thread. May I ask, how did you come across this?

Also, thank you so much. This is exactly the kind of thing the mental health community needs to be doing: sharing /resources/. This thread is a fantastic resource if only because it helps to normalize depression among the "tech" community. FWIW, I'm familiar with you for your mental health resource github page, so thanks again for devoting your time to this issue.

@rolledgoats Wow, very kind words and nice to hear, thank you. I agree that can use some more in the community. I really feel that the community is important to joining the discussion about the subject, given to how much info about and options are essentially so "closed" by the and . Glad you were able to connect with me here. And how are you doing today?

@rolledgoats Oh, I forgot to answer your question about that thread... Someone had started a thread after Robin Williams' suicide. It evolved into a discussion about mental health and then we started a separate thread.

@rolledgoats Hello and welcome back!

I.... Urm... /scrolls through your tags/... Rap and HipHip!

(I know what a guitar looks like at least but the notation scares me; I grew up playing piano)

@aldersprig Assuming you're referring to guitar tablature, you may be happy to know that classical guitarists play from standard notation for the most part

@rolledgoats Oh! That IS relieving. Because I can read -
- hold on I just read your screen name and I'm giggling horribly -
- *snort* -
- hee -

Okay! Okay!

- I can read sheet music in my sleep. Started playing piano in 2nd grade, sooo.

@aldersprig I'm envious. I took piano lessons as a kid but never took it seriously. I can learn a piece from notation but my sight reading is like kindergarten level.

@rolledgoats More #vi/#ed than #emacs, but I almost follow all tags. Instead of #Rap, #rock and #metal, with some #blues. Altough some groups like Def Con Dos are really great.

About #go, I'd fire up Cgoban some day and learn a bit.

@15F9 Do you really use ksh as your login shell, but program in bourne?

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