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Do you dislike rap? Do you think it's a musical style devoid of meaning/value? Hit me up. I'll do my best to convince you otherwise. (Because you are wrong.)

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You know what's awesome? Trying to develop around legacy AutoLISP code written by idiots.

Also, developing for AutoCAD as a platform in general.

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Maybe it's a good thing that politicians aren't tech-savvy. Maybe if they were, we'd be seeing proposals to solve the student debt crisis with blockchain and AI.

Fans of snail-mail correspondence should call themselves "letterheads"

Rain drops hittin (your windshield)?

Your headlights emittin (photons)

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You know what else capitalism ruined? The mail. Mail used to be cool. It was like an analog TL. Now it’s just a box of anxiety. Mail sucks now.

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i love when people share their passionate love for stuff even if i have no interest in it. i always learn something and it gives me an appreciation for it, seeing beauty where i wouldn’t have otherwise. rock on everybody. :flow:

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What kind of world is this, where they advertise things not everybody can afford?

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And you can also execute SQL in org babel and get the results back in your current buffer. This could be really really useful for those times when I have to hunt around in the DB to figure out some issue with the data, and I want to keep a journal of how I figured something out.

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The nice thing about Dragonforce is that, once you've heard Through the Fire and Flames, you don't need to listen to any more. You've heard all of it.

In the engineering calculations for any given steel connection design:

Allowed: 4.7 kips
Actual: 5862 kips


Futurama was the only show with enough BALLS to cast a SUPERMODEL (Claudia Schiffer) in a CARTOON wherein you don't even see her BODY because she is merely a HEAD IN A JAR

Not convinced a Jamaican patois sounds any different than a Scottish accent

Fuck all other modern conveniences

A ceiling fan is all I want

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