@robert588 I love luggables! The only one in my collection is an Osborne 1, although the Apple //c comes close. If only I had the LCD!

@elb @SDF we should have a luggable day at an Internet cafe

@robert588 I've strongly wanted to haul my O1 to my usual cafe and do some work. If I had an Executive I would probably have already done it, but that O1 display just doesn't _quite_ have enough columns. @SDF

@robert588 @SDF Nice.

I have a Panasonic Sr Partner with the cool thermo printer built in. But the keyboard is very poor and non-standard plug. On the TODO list is to see if its XT keyboard protocol so i can connect a usable keyboard.

@robert588 @SDF Ooohhh, Compaq Portable? 286? was the first computer in my house growing up! great memories :)

@amatecha @SDF yep, a 286! I need to write some disks for it and install a new hard drive

@robert588 @SDF aaahh awesome!! the one my dad had was the first computer I ever used. I should never have let him scrap it! I still have the processor from it, at least: flickr.com/photos/amatecha/707 ... I don't know what it is with people and throwing away perfectly usable stuff, especially such rare items like that. I didn't understand its value at the time, being a kid who was more into my Macintosh and playing games, so I didn't fight to keep the old thing :\

@robert588 @SDF wow i remember using one of them. Is it as heavy as i remember ?

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