@luthwyhn Keep an eye out for a Brother EP44. Uses thermal fax paper and can either be a printer, typewriter, or tty device :)

Would you happen to know anything/have links to any resources about taking a tty designed for deaf people to use as a phone and instead using it as a general purpose tty, by connecting to *something* connected to the internet?

@luthwyhn Hello Luthwyhn, I have thought about doing this as well, however I have not done any research on it yet. Perhaps @guofu might know, or might know someone who does.



Yeah, they're so cool. Do you know if anyone has done anything to use them for computer tty stuff though?

@guofu @robert588
I might be able to get ahold of a relatively recent model one that uses an rj11 jack instead of an audio coupler, but I'm not sure what I'd need to connect that to maybe something like an r.pi

@luthwyhn @robert588 Yeah, I think you would need to have a modem in your PC or an external modem to serve a dialup connection. Otherwise you would use existing dialup connections, like those to SDF (telnet) or the Level 29 BBS.

@luthwyhn @guofu Not that I am aware of, but seems like it could be possible.

@robert588 BTW Robert I think I worked out some settings to help with line spacing and eliminate ANSI control codes :)

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