Installed Tru64 in an emulator instead, and using Xephyr to get a remote X login.

@rmenes379 @robdaemon Obscure fact: QEMU can only emulate the instruction set for alpha and cannot run OpenVMS or Tru64 (as of 2020)

@robdaemon @ldbeth @rmenes379 ohh 🤑​🤑​🤑​

well, maybe there's a chance I can find this mysterious Linux binary of Open Genera.

@rmenes379 @ldbeth @theruran I may have gotten my (outdated) copy through Usenet. 😂 The Linux binaries are pretty easy to find for Open Genera.

@rmenes379 @robdaemon @theruran It is compiled to x86_64, actually it is built by hack the original assembler to output C, then compiled by gcc.

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