#mastobikes I was riding today. I came to a T intersection and signaled a left turn. (to my left) A car coming toward me made a right, where I was intending. I stopped, made my turn and followed. The car stopped, so I went around. The car immediately started up again, proceeding behind me. This made me nervous, so I kept checking over my shoulder. she eventually pulled beside me, rolled down the passenger side window and asked "What's the problem, I ride a bike around here all the time" 1/2

I quickly said that she didn't signal her turn, and then started following me, and it made me nervous. So, AITA?
I'm not skittish rider, but if a driver acts erratically, I'm going to watch out for myself.


@murph having been chased down / nearly run over by a car, I’d say your caution was warranted

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