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Pride corporate sponsors bankrolling anti-LGBTQ politicians:

Toyota: $601,500

AT&T: $297,990

Comcast: $121,350

State Farm: $79,550

Fedex: $67,000

Amazon: $62,500

General Motors: $48,500

Budweiser: $42,250

Enterprise: $41,300

Walmart: $24,500

Corporate Pride is a sham.

Well the word corporate is a bit of a giveaway to be fair.
It's the "I funded my startup by organ-banking my grandmother" vibe that says there's something rotten about anything they touch.

@rmenes379 This is an excellent list of companies to avoid. Kind of bummed about Toyota.


Google sponsors CPAC, which works against LGBT people and abortion rights in particular and everybody but rich white men in general.

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