@rmenes379 If we could convince people to spend $20,000 on a workstation again it might help 😄

@jalefkowit @graydon @rmenes379

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The O2 is more solidly of my time (late-stage era of workstations)

I vaguely recognize the nExT* and Sun but am not sure I ever saw HP hw of that era

fiik how that is properly bumpified

@idlestate @jalefkowit @graydon @rmenes379 I had one of those NeXT pizza boxes, and used Suns of that era

@rmenes379 the HP is the only one I'd like to see the style return.

@rmenes379 my uni had a lab full of those Sun workstations. They were great, especially compared to the other lab full of Win NT machines!

@rmenes379 And *I* wish we could bring the Sun keyboards back. :-)
@fedops Nice! I had a type 4 back in the day (I think, it came with a sparcstation 2) and a later moder, probably type 6 (got it with a bunch of used sparcstations, mostly 4s). I kind of recall at least one of them having 16 function keys instead of the usual 12, though, but I may be mistaken.


@suetanvil And for the larger ones, with bays for both floppy drives and optical drives.

@rmenes379 @suetanvil yes this! It feels like a missed opportunity. I love old tech with a subtle, modern spin.

@rmenes379 I wanted an SGI Octane workstation SO badly when I was younger.


Swap an Apollo for the HP, and I had all those. Actually, I had the HP, too!

@rmenes379 That SPARCstation 20 is still my favorite. It was my 90s vibe.

@rmenes379 There were 3 O2s at my high school. They were ahead of their time.

@rmenes379 @theruran Back in 2013, I spotted a #NeXTcube in Madrid's Medialab. No idea why it was there - there wasn't any retro exhibit or anything. Anyway, I got a chance to play around with it. It had #Emacs installed! Version 18.x! Grayscale bliss! :robot:

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