@dolus77 Isn't it more likely that it's just down or nepfag messed up a billing cycle or something? Unless he's around and has weighed in on the issue
@detectivehyde I've spoken to him. He's not sure what happened either.
@dolus77 @detectivehyde i can't even whois the domain name, it's giving a weird error. its like the domain doesn't exist.
@moonman @dolus77 Could the Jews have taken the domain name itself away? I'm guessing .li is Lithuania.
@detectivehyde @dolus77 lichtenstein.

i found a historic dns record for the domain. it was changed today. not good.
@rinpatch @dolus77 @detectivehyde I didn't think of checking for a whois at the nic registrar, I was even on their site lol. Thanks.
@rinpatch @moonman @dolus77 @DetectiveHyde > Status
deleted on 22 December 2018, Transition period

> Following its deletion, this domain name has entered a 40-day transition period (see General Conditions 3.3.3), during which it cannot be re-registered. As the domain name holder, you can contact the registrar before the transition period expires to restore the domain name.

Given that, I think he just forgot to renew
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