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Why is Tenshi eating a corndog so cute?

I am like hyde but instead of sex I change every topic to tech

surprised noone still bought .

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Good that we have the fedi nowadays so yukio Mishima types don't have to do weird coup d'etat suicides and instead can just set up a pleroma instance.
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Pleroma is brought to you by! Don't delay, buy today!

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@roka @rice the real difference is

gs users: traps are gay
pleroma users: the dick makes it better
mastodon users: "traps" is offensive
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> "pleroma dev"
> doesn't know how the software is configured
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well see the free speech or death instances think filtering is evil and so blame me for making MRF lol even though I know for a fact that @href would have done it had I not done it first.

I mean they talk like MRF was some secret too, we literally discussed the design and implementation over a month

shits crazy

the real reason all mastodon instances need to switch to glitch-soc

managed to get 2 pleroma instances running on 3 euro/month ARM box.

Now just gotta add a static website and hope it doesn't blow up

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mastodon user: pleroma is bad
pleroma user: what the fuck
mastodon user: see they said the f word
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