this is cute but the rainforest bit is dumb. the energy consumption associated with ppl streaming music and videos is orders of magnitude greater than all crypto processing

Having some knob Creek bourbon drinks with the wife and jamming some old school misfits. Life is good.

@maiki haha i was getting no route to host. looks like things are all better? glitch in the matrix

Watched with my son tonight. He now has 3 opening nights under his belt and he's not even a decade old.

@elw too right friend. still beats the hell outta twitter though

*slowly backs away from federated timeline*

@jynx also you should check out keybase.io. they added an encrypted/private repo feature recently in addition to all the other awesomeness they offer

@jynx gitlab.com has unlimited private repos i believe

@dervishe thank you for the info sir. My NVIDIA Corporation GM108M [GeForce 940MX] didn't make the list but i'm tempted to try it anway :|

@dervishe was thinking about making that move from ubuntu but i wasn't sure how well it plays with my nvidia hardware

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