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Actually, Go supports a way of exiting current frame: panic.

Should be just matter of catching that, I guess.

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OK; so I have functions working. What's next?

1. func type and closures
2. return support
3. tail-call optimization

May try 3 tonight. 2 may be hard in Go, not sure how to "exit" frames (no exceptions!). 1 is probably the boring one; just a bit of work, but not too hard.

I wonder if there's some sort of "how to" to setup a tilde alike server. I'm still intrigued about the security part of it.

I mean, people being people and all that, you only need one hostile user to make things go sideways. Or may be not?

That said, the C64 version is VERY good and I was happy to share sprites and tips to make it feel closer to the original game.

That was a pleasant collaboration, but I think it did work because the author of that port is a special person.

I'll think about it and reply to the email the best I can!

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Another request of permission to make a port of Night Knight 😐

While I appreciate the attention and the fact that my game was successful, this causes me a bit of anxiety.

I want to be nice, but at the same time I would prefer if the "port" (I should say conversion instead) was faithful to the original; but who am I to put conditions?

In reality they could call it something else, and make their own take. I'm honour to be able to inspire others, even if I didn't mean to.

Quite pleased with this. The code needs a good clean, but it is mostly working I think!

I mean, I need to add tests; currently I have full coverage on the tokenizer, some on the parser, and nothing on the interpreter.

And it makes sense, because I'm changing things almost every day.

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I'm very close to have full function support in my toy language. May be after that I can stop for a while, because I have other projects waiting!

I don't know if this model is the one with the plastic frame, actually. I wouldn't be surprised. I have the feeling that prices have gone up compared to say 2 years ago.

For example: Anne Pro 2 are now around double the price.

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Just in case this goes worse, any recommendations?

This board was £90 in 2014, so I would be happy to spend around £100 on a similar level of satisfaction for another say 8 years. Not sure if that's fair.

e.g. the Ducky Channel One3 Daybreak SF Black Cherry MX (UK layout) could be it, but around £145 is a bit too much to justify 😅

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My KBT Pure Pro is failing 😭

I bought it in 2014, so is not too bad. The few times I've looked for a new board, it doesn't look like I can find one as good for the price (this layout is *perfect*). Because Brexit, COVID, chip shortage, you name it... things are a bit expensive right now.

Hopefully a good clean will fix it 🤞

I was thinking that perhaps I should start a thread with my latest games, but I'm kind of lazy 😅

You can get them all (free to download an play in the real hw and emulators) here:

Currently working on Hyperdrive for the Amstrad CPC.

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Hi, I'm Juan 👋

I was looking for a Masto instance I could trust and I thought SDF (in operation since 1987) is the type of commitment I like 👍

(also have an account in SDF-EU, although I haven't used it much so far)

I've been hosting my own email and web since 2003, so what I'm looking for is more the community aspect of SDF/tildeverse.

I do retro-gamedev (ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, MSX and Commodore 64), and other types of "dev" in , , , , and .

After a day of work, it is kind of relaxing. Getting there!

Oh, I forgot about the ✨ !

(it suggests I don't need to provide the type for filename)

What's going on with recruiter spam? Looks like is not only the allergies that are coming!

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