So we watched EP01 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, and I found it a bit dull.

It all starts too quick and felt a bit samey. Didn't feel like Pike was charismatic, not brilliantly written characters, all was kind of flat.

I mean, Pike starts watching The Day the Earth Stood Still; uh? ah, right... wait for it.

I can't say I agree with the 8.1 on IMDB. Hopefully it will get better!

(we gave up Picard on season 2 😅 )

Watched EP02 last night, and the waiting keeps the same tone. It's a shame because now that we are paying attention, is too obvious (and annoying).

May be Discovery was like this all the time, or we didn't notice until late. Or the writing changed. Either way, same issue.

@reidrac Oh that's a pity. I also was very disappointed of the whole season 2 of Picard and had at least some hope for SNW. From what you say, I guess I won't feel at home there either. So back to TNG then, I guess. They just don't do Star Trek like they've used to do. What happened to the spirit of Roddenberry?

@Datassette_User I don't know! Probably go to SNW with an open mind, you may like it. The teaser of the season looks fantastic, may be it was just this first EP that they tried to cram too many things in.

@reidrac @Datassette_User The main plot devices of the first two episodes are good, but they're trying to introduce too much of a large cast too quickly.

I don't like the transporter shenanigans, it feels like the writers have watched too much TNG and later and not enough TOS.

And, let's face it, the real star of the show is Anson Mount's hair.

@goz @Datassette_User perhaps is that they had to show off on the 1st EP. It could have been better if things were introduced a bit slower. Also, some characters are unbelievable (no spoilers, but WTF with arguing with line of command all the time!). But hey, that's what writers think we want to watch. And comic relief (see: cool!).


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