Hi, I'm Juan 👋

I was looking for a Masto instance I could trust and I thought SDF (in operation since 1987) is the type of commitment I like 👍

(also have an account in SDF-EU, although I haven't used it much so far)

I've been hosting my own email and web since 2003, so what I'm looking for is more the community aspect of SDF/tildeverse.

I do retro-gamedev (ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, MSX and Commodore 64), and other types of "dev" in , , , , and .

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I was thinking that perhaps I should start a thread with my latest games, but I'm kind of lazy 😅

You can get them all (free to download an play in the real hw and emulators) here:

Currently working on Hyperdrive for the Amstrad CPC.

@mos_8502 No, I haven't. I have too many things in my plate already.

With the systems I program for, it takes me a couple of years to repeat machine 😂

@reidrac Glad to see you here, looking forward to your projects 👍

@reidrac You know someone is worth following when they have their own Roland Radio jingle 🤩

I still remember Xyphoe's review of The Dawn of Kernel and thinking “wow, this is so polished” 😊

@alderwick Thank you. hah, yes! I have one of those!

You know what I was playing just now with my sons? 😂

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