Here's a heretical thought to ponder: Is Laurie Anderson the Karen of boho artists?

I'm re-reading Gravity's Rainbow after forty years, and I'm trying to figure out if I was an idiot then or I'm an idiot now (no points for suggesting both).

A brief fun-time activity: find the perfectly spherical cow of uniform density in the sentence

"More circumstantial evidence that it's fine to hike and go to the beach, modulo some common sense."

It seems people are taking "the Constitution is bad" arguments to heart, and have decided to go back to the Articles of Confederation.

Growing up in the suburbs of a metropolitan Midwestern city, I was a child subjected to the hegemony of boneless, skinless animal flesh (Philpot 2007).

-- Mark D'Alessandro, Follow That Pig: Visually Charting Enhanced Learning in a Culinary School Butchery Class, Gastronomica, Fall, 2018.

Breaking the face-touching habit is annoying and discouraging, but then I remember it's also a justification for not flossing and I cheerfully jump back into the struggle.

@cincodenada @cinebox "This is a variable declaration, not an expression."

The key to understanding variable typing is knowing variables are declared in the same form as they're used. I gave a specific case; your reference to Understanding C Declarations gives the general case.

The precedence of *, [ ] and function call in declarations is the same as they are in expressions (because they're unary operators, associativity isn't interesting).

"because array comes first"

And why is that?

@cinebox Array access binds more tightly than pointer deref, so T *a[ ] groups as T *(a[ ]) and a is an array of pointers to T. The alternative T (* a)[ ] declares a to be a pointer to an array of T. Of course, this is just the basics, it easily gets much more complicated than this.

Or we could argue a constant first derivative for the cost-benefit curve is jerry-rigged nonsense.

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Now that economists are arguing the cost-benefit curve has a constant first derivative, we have to move on to arguing the second derivative, e.g., it costs as much now to develop a self-stabilizing cup holder as it did then to develop antilock breaking.

Momma Mia! That's-a some writing, eh!

Still in her apron, and standing nearly motionless beneath the archway that separates dining room from kitchen, she opens her mouth. Her voice builds and expands, reverberating. "Ave Maria" washes over the room, wine glasses vibrating, the song a presence itself.

J.M. Hirsch, Naples is Known for Its Pizza. We Went for the Meatballs.
Milk Street, January-February 2020

@WAHa_06x36 I remember reading about this custom when I was learning German. What do they fortell?

Are you smart enough to be a webdev? Probably not:

Absolutely not if you didn't view the source.

An old adage tells us that a person with one watch always knows the time, but a person with two watches never knows the time. What the adage doesn't tell us is the second watch is called "philosophy."

@bkhl Is that different from a four in hand? It looks more symmetric.

@kaniini I don't know, but I suspect if you compare XDR with ASN.1 you'd begin to get a few ideas.

@starbreaker @solene "it looks like doesn't have any looping"

Ah, but it does: m4 has recursion (another reason to wisely choose the quoting pair. Making sure back tics and single quotes are properly paired can drive you crazy).

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