@snowdusk_ @smj i left @walmart logged into com on a public access store model internet and putty enabled to 'COM' free preval and i left it in the foreground ready to type so watch those buffer under runners, it says 《walmart》 and i got D batteries for the microwave. mcdonalds was closed in the lobby so i didnt pick up any walmart juggalettes with my golden fry pickup line.

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SDF is looking for individuals to interview for our who are you? what would you like to express? email zine @ sdf.org

@SDF i would love express in words and art about music reviews. also moovie reviews. also art reviews. but these are more than reviews in essence because they are infused with zepspeak topologies and metaphors also i would edit it no better than my blog and most of my run on sentences are stimulating and appealing to the user readingship. ive been neglecting my blog on zeptar and i blit at this question. cheers!

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My costume...uh, I guess it's a mashup of the and the . I'm also holding the / to open the gates of hell and summon the ...if I could only solve it. Oh, and the costume can also be used for , I suppose.


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Make your Wednesday AM (or PM) into an one ❤️ Pls check out the tracklist and listen to the audio recording of the live Intergalactic Wasabi Mix show last night 🎹🎶


featuring A Flock of Seagulls, The Cure, The The, The Psychedelic Furs, ABC, Level 42, The Cars, a-Ha, Bangles, R.E.M., Depeche Mode, et al 🌈

Hope u like the new convenient Mixcloud widget 🤓🎶

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| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|
       You’re all awesome
                \ (•◡•) /
                  \       /
                    |   |

@snowdusk_ snowpain be no-pain shake it off. get well soon

swing a hatchet returberation gifted plus 1, juggabook.org we are the Org!

@snowdusk_ might haved n
missed this execpt for wayback on artemis iceland archive under /zp/zeptarorg

@beni reptard & redsam sing but wrizt the catk111er raps snaps at krackle macc not me 2, trying kick bluez for my tru times new roman bleach com me!

@snowdusk_ status netted havnt heard this in my ears so cheers! ☆

@snowdusk_ @SDF the vehical is copper, gold and gem let`s drive carefully... i refuse to eat lollipops to quit tobacco insted zedhed *chopstix* zeptar lollitroli catk111er bait! (dream-big)

@lmorchard that Zenbook got dubbed The Tao of Pooh of all things, spoopy!

this was all catk111er bait. hamstər taco night on The Zeptar Show on anonradio

@Cat i did a commersial dial on Gnu Social the best of all com fusion! I said you were the Adventure dude on accident woop woops let`s hope the mp3 take off reaches the Sun! its on shipoclu under /zp/all so run the puzzle! l8r <3 zep inspired philaeo for @snowdusk_ & gang gang!

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My laptop stand came in last night. Thanks to this I don't have to keep looking behind me when choosing tracks and monitoring my DJ software 👍👍 except I now face some cable management issues 💣🔥 as you can see I have cables & accessories magically suspended in mid air LOL 😂💦

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