@snowdusk_ @smj i left @walmart logged into com on a public access store model internet and putty enabled to 'COM' free preval and i left it in the foreground ready to type so watch those buffer under runners, it says 《walmart》 and i got D batteries for the microwave. mcdonalds was closed in the lobby so i didnt pick up any walmart juggalettes with my golden fry pickup line.

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SDF is looking for individuals to interview for our who are you? what would you like to express? email zine @ sdf.org

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My costume...uh, I guess it's a mashup of the and the . I'm also holding the / to open the gates of hell and summon the ...if I could only solve it. Oh, and the costume can also be used for , I suppose.


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| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|
       You’re all awesome
                \ (•◡•) /
                  \       /
                    |   |

swing a hatchet returberation gifted plus 1, juggabook.org we are the Org!

this was all catk111er bait. hamstər taco night on The Zeptar Show on anonradio

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@ratpez @snowdusk_ Hey zeptar! snowdusk moved his show two hours later. It's at 01:00 UTC now.

@snowdusk_ snow in response to your poll, I suffer drone Extreme Severe "General" Anxiety so i know what you mean. It was if before i ever had the medication i was always suffering from it my whole life until treated with klonopin and medical grade THC. The difderece between just coping with it and treatment are night and day. ZEPTAR IS RAD!

@snowdusk_ snowimagine a couple of . And a , for clarification it was my sorcery that brought you THE ZEHPTAR SPIRIT. CUIDAD! USAR WISLEY CON AFFECION DR FUEGO EN LO COROZÓN REFLECTIVE AND IN AGREEMENT. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO USE THE ZEPTAR SPIRIT MORE TIMES AT ONCE UNTIL YOU ARE SATISFIED. more is to be revealed on my Blog. Update your bookmarks to ZEPTAR says so blog. Also receive the blessing of Andrea! Let us give thanks! Meditative suite to hear first time. Great show tonight! I'm so proud u r

@snowdusk_ snowgood radio tonight, intersting grooves & I love your talk-ups and transitions! anonradio sorcery recieve The Spirit of ZEHPTAR! The "H" is silent in the spirit tense. Use it wisely. ZEPTAR IS RAD!

@snowdusk_ enrolled the thumber knob, baby got turned up!

@snowdusk_ snotruth 101: the "ZEPTAR 404" is online to help. Ask me for each command you require it's not public access yet. Computer stuff only.

@snowdusk_ snoyes it's Labor Day on and on and on till midnight! Phone be widely overtime, thanks!

@snowdusk_ right now a loop of your intro to the rem song I'm going to guess the next cue

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