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Why are we forced to trust this company, so careless with our privacy and security, with our financial livelihood?

Fast forward to 21:12 and watch Fareed Zakaria on CNN advocate slowing the deployment of 5g because it would make the internet faster and aid in Chinese spying. Mind blown.

Does anyone have a link to some reputable research that shows DIET soft drinks are unhealthy through causality?

SPF checks the envelope sending server is not forged to prevent your domain from being blacklisted and reduce spam.
DMARC checks the FROM address is not forged to prevent phishing.

Alternate name for a bass solo: freebassing.

My engineering team can confirm that Soudnuts' blueberry donuts are superior to Dunkin Donuts'.

Spudnuts uses a sweeter crispy glaze while Dunkin has a more pronounced kind of synthetic blueberry flavor.

Listening to people should include focusing on the most important facts and working to find the core of what that person is trying to tell us.

I get turned off from arguments that include facts about how much money a subject has but don't tie that to the rest of the argument, thereby asserting wealth is inherently evil.

Celebrity Citing: I just shook hands and said "hi" to, creator of Bash, at SB Hacks.

I'll be mentoring the next generation of software engineers this weekend.


Are you ready for the best hackathon weekend of 2019? 🤯

Even though your bright minds will shine through at SB Hacks, there is a chance that it will be wet and raining in Santa Barbara. Please pack warmly! 🍓

Safe travels, stay fresh, and see you all soon! 😎


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Yes; we will sell your mobile phone metadata to anybody for a very small fee. But, if we find out we did that, we'll be mad and tell them to stop buying that data from us. So, we aren't doing anything wrong.

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"T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T are selling access to their customers’ location data, and that data is ending up in the hands of bounty hunters and others not authorized to possess it, letting them track most phones in the country." – #Privacy

I'm irrationally angry about this.

""5G Evolution indicator support added" as the only item in the "What's new" section, while the OS security patch remains two months out of date."

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Welcome to 2019, traveler from 2009. The brief:
-sysadmins are now "ops"
-servers are all just "cloud" something
-algorithms are "AI"
-DBs are "blockchains"
-Everything that spies on people is "smart"
Good luck. And update your CV with the above words.

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“My Wish List for Progressive Web Apps in 2019 – Maximiliano Firtman – Medium”

We're reaching a point in the evolution of PWAs where the needs of each platform are starting to diverge. The needs of desktop WIMP platforms in terms of usability and UI are pretty different from that of a tablet, which in turn is different from that of a phone (something that Apple, at least, hasn't fully accepted yet)

Also, said by a programmer, as the complexity or amount of the math in an academic paper increases, the more pressure should be on the author to replace or augment the prose and equations with working code snippets.

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