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Every time I use Apache Spark, I am delighted at the extensive API that lets me do what I want while handling most of the hard parts of dealing with terabytes of data.

Today in the United States, Monday April 16th is National Eggs Benedict day.

That wondrous feeling of future-utopia having now arrived when you read in the news that classic Sega titles are making their way to a Nintendo device.


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my thoughts on the fediverse in a nutshell:

1. mastodon and pleroma aren't at war with each other. that is largely a war of the fringe, and is best ignored. if you stay out of only one discourse this year, make it this one.

2. more fediverse software is better than less. if you want to develop an AP server, now is a great time to do it!

3. i owe you all some simplified docs, because i keep promising them. but i hate writing things. so, eventually they will arrive. sorry it is taking so long!
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@Sir_Boops Whoa whoa whoa wait, is this federation over tor .onion addresses?

If so heck yeah

I'm always amazed when I come back to a piece of software I wrote a while ago and see that people are still happily using it.

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I really like the idea that eventually folks will join the fediverse not only because it aligns with their values/principles, but also because it just makes good sense in terms of reaching their audience.

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One of my favorite podcasts released this week an interview with @Gargron . Nice overview of Mastodon's technology, and informs the goals he has for the platform and its users.


I got what I needed. I'll meet you at the car.


Oohh.. Gmail is (probably) getting an overhaul and offline support natively. Exciting! engadget.com/2018/04/11/google

GDPR stands for

Gosh Darn Privacy Rules