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@ratamacue I really wish people would just make blog posts and link to them instead of trying to microblog a book. It doesn't help that Twitter recently added the ability to post multiple tweets at once in a thread instead of making people reply to themselves. They encourage it.

@nolan Oh, I just noticed it's in the "Goals" and "Future Goals" section on the github page. COOL!

@nolan Is there any discussion about adding keyboard navigation to . Maybe j&k or n&p for next and previous, and "?" provides a help popup?

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It's my pleasure to announce htop 2.2.0!

Includes Solaris support, bugfixes and features for many platforms (Linux improvements, macOS High Sierra OS bug detection, OpenBSD battery reading, --tree option)

Many thanks to the awesome community!

Twitter/Fediverse self-reply threads are way harder for me to read than blog posts. Is there a trick?

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"Does T-Mobile Austria in fact store customers’ passwords in clear text [..] what if your infrastructure gets breached and everyone’s password is published in plaintext to the whole wide world?"

T-Mobile Austria:
‏"What if this doesn't happen because our security is amazingly good?"

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Are there any objective comparisons between the various OStatus servers in the fediverse? Why would someone choose pleroma over friendica, for instance?

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On the topic of Pleroma: we should be careful not to repeat the mistakes of the past made by the developers of Mastodon. We aren't trying to build "the Pleroma network" as a self-contained community. Rather, we are seeking to introduce some friendly competition and diversity of choice into the ActivityPub federation ecosystem. Here are some reflections upon the philosophical differences between Mastodon and Pleroma.

Developers are not heroes or infallible leaders. We should not try to design the software so as to attempt to constrain the behavior of our users, like Mastodon does by purposefully omitting certain features. All we can and should do is design it as a tool that provides the most utility to users, whatever they want to do. Some parts of the Mastodon community have spread many misconceptions and misguided ideas about privacy on their platform, as well as the idea of "protecting vulnerable or marginalized users" through design or policy.

Unfortunately, there is only so much we can do about these kinds of social problems as developers, especially when working with standardized protocols. We should not try to insert intrusive features or a conspicuous lack thereof where it would make the core functionality or experience worse. This is different from the concept of "safe design" in engineering, which does not normally deal with social, interpersonal problems, but with problems attributable to accident or mishandling. Individual instances, administrators, moderators, and users must take responsibility for combating abuse and other social problems via policy. Any other "solution" involving technical restrictions creates more problems than it solves.
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Lots of new members here on this week. (We are up to 923 in total!)

Where is everyone coming from? (Geographically, but also how did you hear about this place?)

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While I expected signatures to go away, I thought they'd get replaced by PINs like in Europe. I guess even those aren't as useful as data analytics in stopping fraud. —

@nolan Pinafore looks amazing on my phone. Great work!

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A Landslide of Classic Art Is About to Enter the Public Domain

(In the US)

About freaking time, even if it’s just going to be a year at a time. Still!

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if a website says "please turn off adblock" i just leave the website

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Article on Techcrunch: "RSS is undead". First line: "RSS died"

I've become a lot more jaded about tech takes by tech magazines after Mastodon. RSS never died it's just not trendy enough that you hear people talk about it. Every WordPress blog on the net has an RSS feed. Every webcomic. Every news site. Including Techcrunch.

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