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I never really loved Twitter, so I never really though much about it. As I've gotten into Mastodon, it's tarted to feel a lot like chat, only Async and where every reply creates a new channel.

So, I searched around to see if anybody else agreed. My thought was not novel. But, Dave Winer!

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@ratamacue the AWS documentation is the worst! Even when it's accurate it's obscenely complicated. They make up their own terms for everything. UGH

Spending a lot of time just trying things until they work. My favorite find was that the AWS official documentation was wrong and after about 4 hours trying to figure it out, stumbled on a slide show from RE:Invent with the correct code around slide 46.

Current little project: lighting up an entire environment (network, public IP, load balancing, DNS, build and deployment into ) using only . No command line, no pointy-clicky.


It's actually really hard and parts of it are very poorly documented! Has anybody tried doing this before?

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Gonna be honest, 99% of the reason I keep this instance is up is for all the bitching about Mastodon I do occasionally take a hack at trying to fix how it's fucked up federation again.

But it's been an uphill battle.  For each mastodon federation problem that I fix, there's 10 more that are just as bad to fuss with. And sometimes the fixes that would be easy would break federation with other things.

This is a lot of the reason I get pretty sour about Mastodon, personal experiences aside.

I'll probably relaunch plateia when the Diaspora federation is complete and let it re-network.
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Current project: Developing egaku.io, a multi-user digital painting web/mobile app.

The render engine is written in C++ and uses Emscripten and WebGL 2.0 for the web version. egaku is #AGPLv3 free software (AGPL because an SaaS is planned).

Website: egaku.io/

Support the project: patreon.com/egakuio

#art #digitalart #foss #floss

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How come whenever I drop into somebody playing on , all I see is a heads up display of somebody modding a machine gun?

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As I've recently taken to calling it: GNU+Year

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I really wanted gboard to be awesome, but after 2 months, I switched back to swiftkey because the predictions are so much better. Anybody use a better keyboard for Android? I don't swipe, and I prefer to choose predictions over pressing the space bar.

Twitter doesn't make it easy for the community to fight trolls when the trolls are considered part of the community.


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