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Academic papers should begin with a non-rigorous simple summary rather than expecting the uninitiated to make sense of the jargon or relying on reporters to digest it for the masses.

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Mathematicians Use The Darndest Syntax


For Goodness Sakes Just Put It In Prolog Or Lisp Notation Like You're Going To Do Anyway Since Nobody Uses Subscripts And Superscripts And Stuff In Programming And You're Literally Designing A Programming Language


Don't Be A Subscript Cargo Cultist

(this was 1991 so I guess nobody had desktop publishing then anyway but still, ouch)

DTNS has a great 15 minute podast describing the various real and fake (ahem AT&T and Verizon) 5G wireless technologies in the US and how they impact consumers.

Want to hear exciting (reuse is great) but also frightening (what's security)? 97% of the code running in the web browser came out of NPM.

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The neverending story ends after 94 minutes.

On engineering the engineers: I've seen silos borne of decoupled repos first hand and my anecdotal observation is that they are probably only necessary for very large teams (hundreds or thousands of developers).

What a magic world we live in where mobile phones can get new spectrum assigned through a software update. via

Hoping this is the tweet that goes viral for me.


In true internet fashion I'm just famous off the content of others.


@SDF The link to Quitter on leads to an SSL error. Is there an issue tracker or project repo or official place to help fix?

The suite of encryption technologies used in the credit card industry's official point-to-point encryption scheme is called DUKPT and is colloquially pronounced...

The RC4 algorithm can be authenticated in Wikipedia through a reference to a paper by Ron Rivest that links back to the same Wikipedia article, creating a recursive self-validating citation loop.

Every time we talk about HSMs at work, I think about this scene in Mr. Robot where they have to physically break into the data center to gain access to Evil Corp's HSM.

The eerily silent dearth of security announcements over the past week must signify that software has suddenly become more secure.

Personalized letters appear more personal when not form letters written with a fake handwriting font.

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