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Holy shit this websites design blew me away. Click at your own peril

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"Satire is meant to ridicule power. If you are laughing at people who are hurting, it is not satire, it is bullying." - Terry Pratchett

@sonya @cassolotl I love this. Mastodon would be easier for me to navigate if people self identified which type of speaker they were so I knew how to engage!

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If you're about to respond to someone on Mastodon with advice or information or critique or disagreement, PLEASE read their post again to make sure that they have invited that.

If they haven't asked for input they probably don't want or need it, but if you still think they'll be interested in what you want to say, ASK before replying.

"Hey, are you asking for advice, or just venting?"

That's ALL you need to say.

I'm tagging it #netiquette (what a great word, haha) but it's universal.

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Velociraptor = distanceraptor / timeraptor

@paul @rysiek I haven't seen the HN thread, but the fact that we rely on each admin to properly obey the implied security of instance-instance communication means that there really isn't any privacy in the fediverse. Is there a type of toot that I can send to a different instance that can't be seen by the owner of the instance? That isn't stored in a database? That can't be leaked out in the event of a breach or sold to a company by the instance admin?

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@cwebber @seanl @nolan @CobaltVelvet I'm less concerned about the infrastructure that moves the data around like DNS and SSL (because that's easy to swap out on the fly for something like TOR) and more concerned with centralization of services that hold DATA AT REST because that's where the walled gardens really get to exercise control because swapping them out is much harder.

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Every time I use Apache Spark, I am delighted at the extensive API that lets me do what I want while handling most of the hard parts of dealing with terabytes of data.

Today in the United States, Monday April 16th is National Eggs Benedict day.

That wondrous feeling of future-utopia having now arrived when you read in the news that classic Sega titles are making their way to a Nintendo device.


@eribloodlust @wakingrufus I think those words were chosen very carefully because it's necessary for him to make that claim to satisfy the "lawful processing" section 6 of GDPR.

The penalty for violation is rediculously high for Facebook.

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my thoughts on the fediverse in a nutshell:

1. mastodon and pleroma aren't at war with each other. that is largely a war of the fringe, and is best ignored. if you stay out of only one discourse this year, make it this one.

2. more fediverse software is better than less. if you want to develop an AP server, now is a great time to do it!

3. i owe you all some simplified docs, because i keep promising them. but i hate writing things. so, eventually they will arrive. sorry it is taking so long!

@thor @arx @ratamacue I don't know about Sweden, but immigrants in Silicon Valley have been extremely successful. Two notable examples include Sergey Brin and Elon Musk.

@xmanmonk @ratamacue @SDF OK. So mostly a failure, but partially an achievement.

@xmanmonk @SDF you read an entire book drunk? Achievement or failure?