@kaniini @dansup I don't understand. As a Mastadon user, how does opting out punish me more than any other member of the greater fediverse who doesn't even get the option like, say, you?

Then they made a conscious decision that FOMO was more important to them than the creepy-ness. Creepy is only really creepy when there's some unknown or lack of choice, right?

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@thor this is not dissimilar to how .onion tor addresses work. Cryptographic signatures and all!

Don't eat raw cookie dough. The flour can contain e.coli even if the eggs are safe from salmonella.

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Why do browsers send an Accept-Language header, but not an Accept-Timezone one?

With all of the respect and sympathy for the warehouse workers, I can help reading the first paragraph of this article and see a giant angry mech running amok in a warehouse spraying poison everywhere.

Here's a list of 22 malicious Android apps you should not have on your

@papa for us Mastodon users, we only really care about OStatus or ActivityPub. As long as you have one of these protocols in common, you can communicate which means we can communicate with just about everything on the list.

@thor have you tried [insert name of news org who's editorial politics offend you here]?

@fuckcompute "support tickets, we have confirmed that no user account passwords or full credit card numbers were included. "

Bethesda Support Site Leak:
"Upon review of the exposed customer support tickets, we have confirmed that
no user account passwords or full credit card numbers were included. "


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