SPF checks the envelope sending server is not forged to prevent your domain from being blacklisted and reduce spam.
DMARC checks the FROM address is not forged to prevent phishing.

My engineering team can confirm that Soudnuts' blueberry donuts are superior to Dunkin Donuts'.

Spudnuts uses a sweeter crispy glaze while Dunkin has a more pronounced kind of synthetic blueberry flavor.

I'll be mentoring the next generation of software engineers this weekend.

RT @SB_Hacks@twitter.com

Are you ready for the best hackathon weekend of 2019? 🀯

Even though your bright minds will shine through at SB Hacks, there is a chance that it will be wet and raining in Santa Barbara. Please pack warmly! πŸ“

Safe travels, stay fresh, and see you all soon! 😎

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/SB_Hacks/status/10

The suite of encryption technologies used in the credit card industry's official point-to-point encryption scheme is called DUKPT and is colloquially pronounced...

The RC4 algorithm can be authenticated in Wikipedia through a reference to a paper by Ron Rivest that links back to the same Wikipedia article, creating a recursive self-validating citation loop. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/RC4

Every time we talk about HSMs at work, I think about this scene in Mr. Robot where they have to physically break into the data center to gain access to Evil Corp's HSM.

Personalized letters appear more personal when not form letters written with a fake handwriting font.

What definition of Linux includes servers but doesn't include Android and Chome OS?

I think the year of the Linux desktop has long since past.

These two pictures don't seem like they belong part of the same email. πŸ€”

Two things going through my head:
1. Those skaters probably aren't loving pogo man.
2. Pogo man's face is about to be touching concrete.
Watching would be tragically sad and giggle inducing.

Lesson: Don't give control of your popular github project to somebody you don't know so they can secretly inject evil into the minified npm distributable and go unnoticed for months while thousands of dependent projects happily infect themselves.

Why does Frontier have blank "now showing" poster frames when none of its planes have in flight entertainment?

I feel taunted.

Playing Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur has a funny way of carrying his water around.

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