Lesson: Don't give control of your popular github project to somebody you don't know so they can secretly inject evil into the minified npm distributable and go unnoticed for months while thousands of dependent projects happily infect themselves.

Why does Frontier have blank "now showing" poster frames when none of its planes have in flight entertainment?

I feel taunted.

Playing Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur has a funny way of carrying his water around.

Look what I found at CVS. Heaven help us all.

Halloween is next week. This is Home Depot in Goleta, CA.

Those boost counts! What sick troll only boosts the middle one?

I challenge you you define pizza in a way that includes everything you consider pizza but excludes this food.

A little over 100 years ago, horses pulled trucks. Now trucks pull horses.

First time I participated in any competitive hacking at Defcon. Up against some serious teams. A friend helped out on 2 but the rest was all me. Pretty good for a filthy casual!

The only time it snows in Santa Barbara is during Fiesta.

California is getting a new Governor next year. Here is the official primary ballot. Note the "block chain startup CEO", "Recording Artist", Virtual Reality manager", and "puppeteer / musician".

My CTF team got third place this weekend against stiff competition! Go team!

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