@ratamacue no big surprise - once the regulations around fleet emissions were eased up, we should expect all auto companies to focus on their most profitable products (trucks, in Ford’s case)

@jerry I'm sure there's still a market willing to pay for small cars in the US and some of it is willing to pay a higher price for a more premium small car. It looks like Ford doesn't think it can compete in that market.

@ratamacue I think they don’t want to compete in that market. The margins in trucks are far higher, and even charging more for cars will likely not make it worthwhile. I guess that does mean they feel they can’t compete, but it seems like a sensible decision (most of my family does or has worked for Ford in the past, and this has been an ongoing saga for decades)

@ratamacue I've been protesting cars since I was a kid. Glad to see they're finally taking notice :)

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