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David @ratamacue

One of my favorite podcasts released this week an interview with @Gargron . Nice overview of Mastodon's technology, and informs the goals he has for the platform and its users.


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@ratamacue damnit @Gargron, I've never heard your voice before. Now I have to go back and read all your toots with the accent.

@Gargron @ratamacue the "Not-from-the-American-Midwest" one that I guess almost everybody has lol

@Gargron @Altruest your accent isn't terrible strong, you are easy to understand and, predictably, quite eloquent.

@Gargron just finished listening, I agree! I think the interview went quite well, you represented Mastodon magnificently.

@Gargron @Altruest @ratamacue
You've got a slight german accent (my german teacher had the same one). I /think/ it has to do with the difference in how we drop vowel and ending consonant sounds from words in high cadence speech.
You were extremely elegant in this interview! You're a good speaker :)

@Irick @Altruest @ratamacue Thanks but I'm not a native German speaker and I actually haven't spoken German in like 1.5 years since graduating uni so big :thaenkin: on having any trace of a *German* accent

@Altruest @Gargron I know! I was thinking the same thing!