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David @ratamacue

It makes me really happy when forks are merged back together. It's a big success for open source, and shows how differences can be resolved through experimentation and time.


@ratamacue @maiki me too! I like it when ppl get along again.
I wish the gtk ppl would put down the axe with the kde ppl... such a pita for like 15+ years now. Waste of time.

@gemlog @maiki ha! In that case, I'd prefer they stay separate. The competition is good for all of us. 😄

@ratamacue @maiki
Well, from a user pov I don't think it's good that they have to learn two different ways of using the graphical user interface or that some things are incompatible with their other chosen environment.
From a dev pov I prefer signals and slots over callbacks, but I know that is just a perference.
I don't mind 'competition' among things towards standards. Like web browsers for e.g. chrome, ff, explorer, opera, lynx... Yay. Bring more.
But the bs around linux guis is just that.

@gemlog @maiki agreed. I wish there was more effort to make it easier for developers to write applications for desktop Linux that look great regardless of the desktop environment the user chooses. I don't know how to do that without ending up with the lowest common denominator of widgets a la Java Swing applications circa 1998.

@ratamacue @maiki I don't even use the 'j word' ;-)

I think in the ms world that adobe has used qt several times? I forget.

@ratamacue I still have two forks in my kitchen drawer that simply refuse to talk to each other. Bastards.

@xmanmonk have you tried putting on a developer conference with really good swag?

@ratamacue Hmm... interesting. You may be right.