As an American, there's something... different about British cinematography when I watch British movies and TV. It's not just the frame rate. Does anybody else notice this? Is there a name for it or something that explains the anthropology or is there an evolutionary explanation for why it's different?

@ratamacue apparently, once they switched to digital over there, folks could get an adapter for foreign viewers. On one hand, it tends to filter some of the dry humor out. On the other hand, it can last up to 9 seasons elsewhere.

Boom! !

((Ricky, call me, we should work together!))

@maiki seasons? Perhaps you mean series? Also, most of those series only include like 6 episodes.

@ratamacue there were a lot more counterparts than I knew about!

Now I want to watch them all a little, just to see who the various Assistants to the Regional Managers are! ^_^


@maiki just reading the list of languages makes me giggle.

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