Also, said by a programmer, as the complexity or amount of the math in an academic paper increases, the more pressure should be on the author to replace or augment the prose and equations with working code snippets.

@ratamacue It’s not clear to me that this is necessarily relevant.

@publius there appears to be a language and style used only in academic papers that, at first blush, appears to exist to ensure specificity and rigor, but practically sometimes creates confusion and ambiguity. Working code at least removes ambiguity and at removes the confusion (for me at least).

@ratamacue As to the first part, I’ll agree. My dad has the worst time trying to keep people from adding that to his papers. But it seems to me that only a quite small subset of papers takes an approach in which “code” as such is relevant.

@publius That's fair. The bulk of my experience with academic papers is in translating them into working software, so perhaps my frustration is myopic.

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