Strange artifact of the Fediverse is that your choice of server technology seems to impy your political leaning in some way. On the other hand, I love that instances each have their communities.

Accident of history, I think: implementation popularity coincides with different waves of adoption, with each cohort performing an exodus from a different platform reacting to a different purge (and therefore having similar concerns).

@ratamacue I see that members on instances that have been started by or for a particular community unsurprisingly express opinions representative of that community, and that in general we fediverse users tend to be interested in computer and network technology, and dissatisfied with more popular social media, but do you mean anything more than that? Are you saying different instances are running on different tech, and that each kind of tech attracts conservatives, or ... (1/2)

@ratamacue ... social democrats, or Rastafarians, etc.? I thought fediverse = Mastodon. Can you run a fediverse instance with something other than Mastodon? (2/2)

@papa you can! Two popular examples are friendica and Pleroma. Pleroma, in particular, has a reputation for leaning Nationalist Conservative, but it doesn't seem true in practice.

@ratamacue Interesting. I knew about GNUsocial and Diaspora, but assumed based on the history of my home instance's server that one had evolved into the other and eventually to Mastodon as the older tech faded in popularity. I didn't realize there were so many living projects supporting the protocol(s). (However, the amount of red in the server/protocol matrix is not encouraging.)

@papa for us Mastodon users, we only really care about OStatus or ActivityPub. As long as you have one of these protocols in common, you can communicate which means we can communicate with just about everything on the list.

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