The SDF Plan9 Summer 2021 kicks off w/ a TEA NOTE presentation at 1400 PDT Sunday July 11th on twitch.tv/sdfpubnix

Space is still available! (for you) sdf.org/plan9 to register

Welcome to The Third Ear with TYN to aNONradio.net, with their first show coming up in 10 minutes at 2200 UTC.


On this day in 1987 SDF received its first caller at 300 baud.

Happy 34 Years to SDF! πŸŽ‚

Always been really apathetic towards crosswords. They are an extended minefield of shibboleths and arbitrary cultural touchstones, and I've never understood the ostensible reward for learning them.

That said, washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/c makes it sound like some people are upset that the shibboleths and touchstones might not be "theirs" anymore. Too bad? They were willing to put up with learning one set of them, so why not expand that set and accept change that will extend the appeal of this medium?

Kindai University researchers successfully turned male catfish to female using soybeans.

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