TACKER: membership ( Membership)
SUBJECT: servers are !
DATE: 26-Oct-20 18:33:21
HOST: mx

All VPS servers at SDF are upgrading their clean install images as follows:

NetBSD-8 NetBSD-9.1
OpenBSD 6.3 OpenBSD 6.8
FreeBSD 11.2 FreeBSD 12.1
DragonFly 5.2.2 DragonFly 5.8.3
Bell Labs Plan9 386 9Front amd64 "Email Schaden"
Debian 9 Debian 10
Ubuntu 18.04.1 Ubuntu 20.10

TACKER: membership ( Membership)
SUBJECT: to 9.1
DATE: 26-Oct-20 16:32:35
HOST: mx

We have begun upgrading the NFS clients from NetBSD-8 to NetBSD-9.1.
If you have any issues with software please report those on <REQUESTS>
so they can be updated.

things to type / click:
ssh 3b2@sdf.org
"SDF 3B2 / 500 and Teletype 5620 BLIT for VCF east berlin
Science & Technology"

Notable Sam Users
Ken Thompson, inventor of UNIX and many other things.
Brian Kernighan, of K&R and K&P fame, the β€˜K’ in awk, and much more.
Doug McIlroy, inventor of UNIX pipes.
Tom Duff (of Duff’s Device and Star Wars' Death Star fame).
Bjarne Stroustrup, inventor of C++.

Any sdfeu / sdf-eu accounts in the audience?
Validated on sdf and sdf-eu couple of years ago just because I'm nosey and like to compare things and have opinions about everything and hedge. SDFeu seems really quiet so I went ARPA on sdf eventually. Have got a couple of pals validated on eu too. Want to lure a pal to anonradio cos he's got all the vinyl and the nerd-fu but he's contrary. Hours wouldn't conflict much at least.

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