soon .. all VPS servers to VPS members..
individual machine images will be not upgraded. If you wish to take
advantage .. follow these steps:

1. back up any data on your current vm you want to keep and transfer it to
another machine
2. shutdown your vm
3. use the 'x' option to do a fresh image copy.
4. boot your new machine
5. restore from your back up

Another benefit of upgradating particuarly for the 'console-less' images is
that you will now gain console access by default.

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Notable Sam Users
Ken Thompson, inventor of UNIX and many other things.
Brian Kernighan, of K&R and K&P fame, the β€˜K’ in awk, and much more.
Doug McIlroy, inventor of UNIX pipes.
Tom Duff (of Duff’s Device and Star Wars' Death Star fame).
Bjarne Stroustrup, inventor of C++.

Any sdfeu / sdf-eu accounts in the audience?
Validated on sdf and sdf-eu couple of years ago just because I'm nosey and like to compare things and have opinions about everything and hedge. SDFeu seems really quiet so I went ARPA on sdf eventually. Have got a couple of pals validated on eu too. Want to lure a pal to anonradio cos he's got all the vinyl and the nerd-fu but he's contrary. Hours wouldn't conflict much at least.

"APOPO, the organization [Bart] Weetjens founded, has been using African giant pouched rats- a noctural species native to sub Saharan Africa- to detect landmines since 2000. In 2003, they began using the rats to detect tuberculosis, which has a distinct smell the rats can pick up on. APOPO has been working with DOTS [Directly Observed Treatment Short course] centers in Tanzania."

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Β«Michael Gove said officers will use ANPR cameras & β€œother means” to block drivers at UK β€œinternal border”.

Move tries to ensure β€œconstituents not inconvenienced” after warning of 7,000-long lorry queues & 2 day delays to cross Channel.

Gove twice refused to reveal how many of 50,000 β€˜customs agents’ promised to help businesses prepare for a mountain of new red tape have been recruited & declined to say if new IT system will be β€œoperational in January”.Β»

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