Here's a catchy little folk tune:

and they did like three tracks, then disappeared without a trace? Miss you, Listenbee!

My station's up and running, now w. optional higher bitrate audio and "clean" tracks option. I'm also now Music Director at the local FM station...

Internet radio and pluggers. The perspective of Don Valentine on “I Don’t Hear a Single”

If you like music which makes you want to dance no matter what mood you're in... maybe you know about Caravan Palace. Fun new track came out last week:

Got a suggestion to share a pointer to my blog... it's mostly nuts and bolts of a music streaming service.:

Well, we have the licenses, the music, and the servers are on the air. If you have a moment, come listen to

Oh, yes, and to go with my folk rock choice, here's a very nice folk pop tune:

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